How The 2017 Mass Shooting In Las Vegas Changed The Mind Of The American Public

Since the Revolutionary War, when the original American colonies severed their ties to the oppressive regime of King George III, the right to bear arms has been encoded in the DNA of American people; it is even embodied in the Constitution of the United States. Any American will confirm that it is precisely this right that enabled the USA to become what it is today. However, do American people still feel about guns the same way they did only decades ago? Before, we would only browse the web for fun things, looking for online casinos like the Casino online România, or new music to download, but nowadays, all we can find on the internet is news about mass shootings all across the States. Recent mass shootings across the United States have certainly started to change their minds.

The history of mass shootings in America

In an enormous country like the United States, incidents are bound to occur now and then. However, as time has passed, mass shootings have become more and more common. Between 1982 and 2011, an incident such as this took place roughly every two hundred days; however, after 2011, the rate almost tripled, with a mass shooting occurring around every 64 days. These incidents not only make the citizens of the United States feel uneasy but also paint a negative picture of the U.S. around the world. Unfortunately, things seem more grim with each passing day.

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting

By 2015, the United States had averagely one mass shooting per day. Only two years later, in 2017, the Las Vegas shooting occurred, which turned out to be the biggest mass shooting in modern American history. The perpetrator murdered 58 and wounded 422 people from a hotel window. The victims were entirely random visitors to an outdoor music festival. Of course, an incident of this magnitude is bound to attract attention, both abroad and within the United States.

The reaction of the people

Petitions for stricter gun laws are by no means a new thing. Ever since school shootings became more common, more and more people, especially concerned parents, started fighting for the safety of people all across the country. Of course, this kind of activism also found its critics. Many people view that the right to bear arms is a Constitutional right of all American citizens and that altering it would mean violating the citizens’ rights. However, the Las Vegas shooting started changing the minds of people. The U.S. banned bump stock guns, as they are deemed too dangerous for public safety. Still, people are concerned about their well being because there still are some states where a person can purchase a firearm freely, without any registration or license. 

What does the future hold?

It seems that the recent increase in the number of public shootings has proven to be too much to handle, even for the greatest proponents of the right to freely bear arms. However, the struggle continues, as more mass shootings keep occurring every year. The government has already made some steps to reduce the frequency of these incidents. However, it is evident that these steps are not nearly enough to change the state of public safety in the United States for the better. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the people will continue to press on until this issue is safely resolved, and cases like the Las Vegas shooting only help to support their argument.