Should gambling be legalized everywhere in the world?

Gambling is a huge industry, and many people want to see it legalized. I, personally, would love to see this happen one day. I love to gamble online whenever my favorite team is playing or when I find a good promotion such as this Coral Free Bets. Many people agree with me when it comes to this topic and they have several pretty good reasons for it if you look at the subject objectively. The rationale is that it would help economies and create jobs. Gambling creates revenue for the government, which then spends that revenue on schools and roads. But does legalizing gambling really benefit everyone? We’ll explore this question in detail below.

Yes, it should, because the economy would benefit immensely

Gambling is a huge source of revenue for the government. The United States Treasury Department collected $94.5 billion in gambling tax revenues in 2010 alone. In California alone, they made $1 billion dollars off of casino taxes alone!

Gambling can be a good source of revenue for the government because it creates jobs and brings more people into the city to spend their money there. Think about it: if you lived in New York City, would you rather shop at Macy’s or go down to Atlantic City? You’d probably choose Atlantic City because it has better shopping opportunities and is less expensive to get there than going all the way upstate just to shop at Macy’s!

Gambling should be legalized in every country

Gambling is an enjoyable activity that people love to partake in. It can be played responsibly and regulated to prevent underage or compulsive gambling. Plus, gambling usually isn’t a problem unless it’s illegal: studies have shown that countries, where gambling is legal, have fewer problem gamblers than those where it isn’t.

Even if you’re not normally a big fan of casinos, the fact remains that organized crime makes billions from illegal gambling every year. Legalizing gambling would give governments the chance to tax and regulate it—giving them even more money to spend on infrastructure and social services!

If you’re still not convinced that this is the right choice for everyone involved (elderly people who might become addicted), consider this: legalizing casinos would also help prevent underage drinking by giving kids something else safe for them to do with their time


In conclusion, gambling should be legalized in every country. The economy would benefit immensely from it and people should be free to partake in this fun activity if they want to. Making something illegal does not stop people from doing it, it just makes them do it in wrong, sketchy ways that are never good for them. Therefore, legalizing something like gambling would make people gamble in safer conditions, as well as allow the government to make a profit off of it.