What Are Hotels’ Policies on Firearms?

It seems that the current issue of public safety is leaving hotel chains in a dilemma about guests who seek to check in with their firearm of choice. For example, today, casino hotels offer various bonus codes that can be used online, like the Mozzart Kazino Promotivni Kod, so that the people who like visiting casinos can have fun at their own homes. In that way, people won’t have to be affected by some potentially scary scenarios. The situation in the United States in this view has not improved in the previous decades; people are afraid for their safety, and with a good reason: in 1982, one mass shooting took place roughly every two hundred days, whereas, in 2015, one mass shooting would occur daily. This has caused quite a bit of turmoil, and anti-gun advocates have been motioning for stricter gun laws harder than ever.

What does it have to do with hotels?

In 2017, one man has committed the largest massacre in modern American history, and he did that from a hotel window in Las Vegas. Therefore, we can partly share the concern, when it comes to people bringing arms to hotels. In the great debate of safety and the rights of the people to bear arms, the hotel industry, with a total yearly income of almost 250 billion dollars is left to sort things out for itself. Because of heavy waves of criticism from the general public, and in their best interest, hotels implement policies that are often very inconsistent.

For example, hotels owned by the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, despite his being very open and supportive of gun rights, usually do not permit their guests to bring any kind of firearm on their premises.

However, there are inconsistencies present even there, because Trump’s hotels in Las Vegas and Florida seem to have more lenient approaches about this. This kind of discrepancy in rules between different locations of the same hotel chain is not unique; numerous chains have this issue, which can sometimes reflect negatively on the guests.

How does this affect the guests?

If the hotel chains are those that are confused about this, it would be very unrealistic to expect that their visitors should have a clearer picture about it, People can end up in rather unpleasant situations when traveling, simply because they do not wish to part with their favorite gun. Even more so, people who prefer a single hotel chain may be in for an unpleasant surprise when visiting the same hotel in a different location. This issue is definitely something that hotels have to work on, in order to meet all of the demands of their clients.

What can visitors do?

This is a confusing and difficult issue, both in the hotel industry and outside of it; all of the United States is currently deeply divided with this issue, which is more than evident. The only advice for travelers is to call the hotel they are planning to stay at in advance, and check their weapons policy, precisely because of the inconsistencies that tend to occur, not only within the same hotel chain but also within different hotels in the same area. This issue may or may not be resolved quickly; however, all travelers will benefit from informing beforehand.