What Are the Main Health & Safety Risks in Casinos?

Going to a casino and spending some time playing games is the favorite pastime of many people. Even though casinos are entertaining, they are not always the safest places you can visit. Players often get carried away by the joyous atmosphere, the flashy lights, jingly slot machine soundtracks, and the overall hustle and bustle. That can all come at a high price if you forget about your safety. This is one of the reaseons many players switch to online gambling.

Unfortunately, casino accidents are not at all a rare thing. Big casino and hotel resorts pay a lot of attention to the wellbeing of their visitors. They try to protect their reputation and to avoid having to deal with any potential lawsuits. However, they cannot predict every possible situation and every source of danger. 

Here are some of the biggest health and safety risks that you should be mindful of when visiting a casino next time if you want to stay healthy and unscathed.

1. Slipping & Tripping

Casino joints often have large floors covered in tiles which are easy to clean. Some have carpets that make a casino more aesthetically appealing, but no safer. Slipping and tripping is one of the most common injuries that happen in casinos worldwide. The frequency of visitors in casinos is high, so their floors need to be cleaned frequently. That makes them very slippery. 

If you’re not careful, a slippery patch on the floor can send you flying up in the air, falling on your back or hitting your head. Moreover, carpets often get creased, which is the perfect situation in which you can trip and fall, hitting your face on the floor. If you’re not careful, you can end up breaking your nose, teeth, or injuring your wrists. 

2. Second-Hand Smoke

What do you do to calm your nerves when you’re spending hours trying to outplay the algorithm in a slot machine? Many people resort to smoking cigarettes or vaping when that is allowed by the casino. If you visit such places, even if you are not smoking, you are still suffering consequences from second-hand smoke. 

If you think that second-hand smoke is not that dangerous, you are very wrong. Some studies show that second-hand smoke is just as dangerous and harmful for the lungs and the body as first-hand smoke. Second-hand smokers can get cancer just as easily as smokers, as well as suffer from other common respiratory issues, such as coughing or heavy breathing.

3. Lack of Maintenance

Depending on the casino you visit, lack of maintenance can be an issue. Casinos do not always do business with profit and maintenance on their mind, as the first thing they do is try to make savings in such situations. Casino maintenance is a very expensive part of owning this kind of business. If you neglect it, you can put your visitors at risk. 

Some sources of danger that come out of lack of maintenance include loose chairs, loose handrails, poor electrical systems, and so on. All of these can lead to scrapes, bruises, sprained ankles, broken bones, or even electrocution. Therefore, choose your casino wisely and avoid it if you notice any red flags regarding maintenance.

4. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is another very obvious health risk in some casinos. Not all casinos sell food, but if they do, food poisoning is a real danger. Food is not the primary concern of casinos, so some business owners may not take all measures of precaution to ensure food health standards are met. 

If you eat food when you’re playing your favorite games next time, make sure to order something that might not go bad that easily. Definitely avoid eggs and products that contain them.