What Exactly Are Health Regulations?

All brick and mortar businesses must take care of the health and safety of both their employees and their customers. This includes land-based casinos as well. Businesses cannot estimate on their own accord what safety measures are worth taking and what are not that important. Instead, they must meet certain health regulations in order to receive a license that would allow them to operate freely.

Have you ever wondered what these health regulations are? You’d be surprised just how much energy, time, money, and attention is invested in making casinos safer places for anyone who enters.

If you thought that casinos are not the safest places out there, you’ll change your mind after reading the rest of the article.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work

These regulations came into effect in 1993 and describe the main duties employers have toward their employees. Some of the guidelines inside these regulations define how to make assessments of risk to the health and safety at a workplace, employing competent personnel to oversee safety, provide workers with proper safety training, and so on.

The Health, Safety, and Welfare Workplace Regulations

This set of regulations was voted in 1992 and governs the use of adequate heating, lighting, ventilation, and other workplace conditions. It also describes the correct staff facilities, including refreshments, washing facilities, and toilets. These regulations also include making safe passageways to avoid slipping and tripping.

The Display Screen Equipment Health and Safety Regulations

Display screen equipment health and safety is important for workplaces where employees use computers and other work equipment with displays. Employees need to assess the risks such equipment poses on employees, as well as ensure that workers take regular breaks. Workers who spend a lot of time looking at screens through their workdays also need to take regular eyesight tests and have adjustable furniture.

The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations

This set of regulations is quite simple, but it means a lot for the overall health and safety of employees. Basically, these regulations require employers to provide workers with proper protective equipment, if such equipment is necessary for health and safety reasons. Employers must pay for this equipment and also provide their employees with proper training on how to use this equipment.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations

Casinos are places with a lot of heavy equipment, like slot machines, roulette and blackjack tables. Employees must not carry any of this equipment without taking safety precautions and knowing how much the equipment weighs.