What Is the American Gaming Association?

The American Gaming Association was established in 1995 as a non-profit organization with headquarters in Washington, DC. The founders were a group of advocates with extensive prior experience in gaming law practice across the US. The fundamental mission of the association was, and still is, harmonizing the gaming industry and noveltiesnwith the existing legal regulations and laws in this field, as well as developing new ones. Let’s find out something more about the AGA.

Brief History of the AGA

The AGA’s Whitepaper titled “Past, Present, and Future” explains that the gaming and casino industry in America has changed and evolved so much over the past 120 years. A century ago, it was happening at bars. Today, the picture is much bigger. We have the $261 billion worth casino industry only in the USA that supports more than 1.8 million jobs. 

Through many aspects, we can see substantial gaming industry growth and an increase in its economic contribution nationwide. Since then, regulations and rules over the industry have changed. Technology, like in many other spheres, has had an enormous impact on the game evolution. The gaming industry has expanded in popularity and acceptance on a larger scale. Since the 1800s to the present, where and how gaming is organized has significantly changed.

The Role of the American Gaming Association

American Gaming Association is the premier US trade group in the country. Its mission is to advocate all the significant issues of high-value gaming and leverage for its members (casino operators, producers, suppliers, employees, and many other significant entities). Since its inception, it has positively influenced the gaming sector by supporting sound policies, reinvestments, and innovations. In short, AGA accomplishes these goals with the following principles:

• It nurtures the support of the legislature and yet protects the gaming industry’s interests considering gaming policies

• It promotes the gaming industry as an economically and socially valuable, highlighting responsible gaming as a priority

• It advocates for better business conditions in the USA, fostering innovation and development, as well as creating new sound policies

• It creates a Member Value, keeping members together with regular information, educations, and activities that contribute to innovation and a better business environment.

AGA Members

The members of the association are tribal and commercial casino operators, financial institutions, US-licensed gambling contractors, stakeholders, beverage and food suppliers, and many other essential entities in the gaming industry.

AGA Impact on Legislation and Gaming Industry

The Association has so far achieved incredible results by advocacy, research, education and given plans. Undeniably, it influences the transformation of the industry, creating a clear path to business growth, reinvestment, and innovation. The AGA is changing policy and legislation using extensive research methods, reliable facts, and compelling arguments. 

Obviously, it will have a major influence in furthering regulatory policies related to some of the burning issues, such as sports betting. It can also assist with the theme of new technologies that modify known gaming boundaries and help in a better understanding of the next generation of gaming.